Bioelements Facial
(Designed for Men and Women)
Bioelements is a custom designed facial for your personal skin care needs.  It includes a complete skin assessments, deep pore cleansing, steam and Enzyme Therapy exfoliation.  Relax with a destressing massage of the face, neck, shoulders, and a therapeutic serum and mask designed to correct any specific problems you may be experiencing.  To finish, moisturizer is applied to the face.
Up to 90 minutes​   $60.00

Stress Solutions Spa Facial
A luxurious facial designed to soothe and soften your complexion and deeply destresses your entire body.  You will enjoy a gentle yet thorough cleansing, soothing aromatherapy oil massage of the face, neck, and shoulders.  Also, relaxing steam inhalation therapy and a customized Bioelements mask laced with calming plant extracts completes your experience.  
Up to 90 minutes​   $60.00

Bioelements Age-Defying Facial
Recommended for aging skin.  Combines antioxidants A, C, and E, plus essential minerals to firm the skin, strengthen capillary walls and stimulate collagen production.  A refreshing anti-aging treatment that visibly reduces signs of aging, improves elasticity, helps prevent hyper-pigmentation, smoothes facial lines and wrinkles.  Relieves dry, rough skin and evens skin tone.
Up to 45 minutes​   $60.00

Express Facial
PH-Balanced enriched-cleansing, hydrating mask, and moisturizer.
Up to 45 minutes$40.00

Teen Facial
Designed for young skin.  Includes a skin assessment, deep pore cleansing and a lesson on skin care.
Up to 60 minutes$40.00