Licensed Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage
Induces relaxation and decreases stress while increasing circulation and blood flow.
Half Hour$40.00
One Hour$60.00
Hour & Half      $75.00

Specialty Massages
Couples Massage
The ultimate gift for newlyweds, anniversary, and birthday.
Half Hour$80.00
One Hour        $120.00

Sport/Deep Tissue
Relaxes muscles and decreases the stress tension of overworked bodies.
Half Hour$45.00
One Hour$65.00
Hour & Half     $80.00

Maternity Massage
Available to women in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters.  Relieve lower back pain, hip pain and swollen feet - plus all those "extras" women experience during pregnancy.  Doctor's permission is requested for all women, required if the pregnancy is considered high risk.
One Hour$65.00

Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage
Massage with smooth, heated stones, sometimes contrasted with cool ones, is a nurturing experience beyond compare.  Warm stones are placed in the body contours that tend to hold tension while oiled stones are used in flowing strokes to relax the whole body.
One Hour   $80.00

Face-lifting Massage.  A facelift without surgery plus a soothing touch.  The Ultimate!
Hour & Half      $85.00